We get visitors to your website

Tired of uncertainty and insecurity? We give you a guaranteed result at a fixed price! Depending on the type of audience you need, you can buy a targeted web traffic determined by country, gender, age and interests, as well as web traffic without any targeting settings, which is cheaper.

what is buyclick?

BuyClicks is a system of buying web traffic to your website or landing page with the required targeting at a fixed price. Our company has necessary expertise and extensive experience in Internet promotion. We not only attract visitors you need to your website, we also give you a full report on your campaign.

With BuyClick you can:

  • buy a certain amount of website visitors at a guaranteed price for a click;
  • get website traffic according to your target audience: untargeted, with GEO targeting or determined by specific country and gender, age or interests;
  • experiment with different types of traffic;
  • plan the results of a campaign in good time.

Choose the audience you need and buy clicks in any amount


Price: 0.01

Any users from any country of the world


Price: 0.1

Any users from a specific country


Price: 1

Users determined by gender/age or interests from a particular country

Simply monthly

Price: 100

Monthly plan with 10% discount. You'll get 11000 simple clicks.

Geo monthly

Price: 500

Monthly plan with 15% discount. You'll get 5750 geo targeted clicks.

TA Monthly

Price: 1000

Monthly plan with 20% discount. You'll get 1200 TA clicks.

Total 0